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North Syracuse Baptist CD purchases for Delivery

Posted on by Robin Mark

Hi All. Robin here! Special hello to all you who came and worshipped with us in North Syracuse Baptist Church, last Thursday 7th August. And another even more special hello to all who ordered and paid for the new CD, Liberation Praise, given that we had run out of copies on the night!

I know I promised to get the CDs that were ordered out in 3 days, but I hadn’t expected my record company to  also run out of stock in store! (Must be popular!!). So they cannot get the CDs to me until this Wednesday 13th. (Aaargh!!)

We have all our padded envelopes ready, and I am poised with my Sharpie pen to sign everyone of the CDs as soon as the delivery arrives. Then they’ll go straight to Amanda, our fabulous postage girl, to send out to you on that same day.

Huge apologies from me. What can I say, never trust an Irish Man! But, I promise it will get to you… (Always trust an Ulster Man)… as soon as possible. God Bless and Big Love.


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Final date of this year’s US Summer tour added as First Presbyterian, Reading, PA goes on line.

Posted on by Robin Mark

Check out all the dates and times of Robin’s US tour by clicking on the DATES tab above and scrolling through the summer! Robin will be as far south as Arizona and right up there in Ontario Canada – and all points in between! Hope to see you at one of the concerts!

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Liberation Praise Chord Charts (just a click away!

Posted on by Robin Mark

Hi all. If you’re looking for the chord charts to the songs on Liberation Praise, just click on ‘DOWNLOADS’ above and then click again on the text for Liberation Praise Chords and Words. All those downloads are free.

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