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Robin on Tour (USA and Canada) 2016 – Making Contact!!

Posted on by Robin Mark

Hi everyone. Robin will be on tour again in 2016 in the USA and Canada  with dates from April through September 2016. April has him in the Virginia/ West Virginia area.  In May  he will be closer to the mid west. Come late June into most of  July he’ll be around the Western New York state and Ontario, Canada with dates proposed for parts of Pennsylvania as well. He’ll round up a long summer of events in September with events in North Carolina and other locations. A number of dates are already agreed. So… if you would be interested in hosting a concert event or conference in 2016 involving Robin with or without his Belfast Band (different conditions apply) then email us on the contact page  with and we’ll send out the Preliminary Booking Document with all the info you need to decide whether you wish to go ahead.

No obligation whatsoever on your part! If you have already made contact and Robin and his team have replied, then no need to email again, unless you want to be sure!!

(PS This is for USA and Canada only – news to follow on local and other concerts)

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Concert Dates, New album early stages, and plans for 2016 tours

Posted on by Robin Mark

Hi Everyone. Looks like that now  we’re in November , we are basically heading for Christmas  again!!!! (First huge Christmas TV ad hit our screen last night! – ) .  Of course the shops have been stocking up for weeks. So I think its time to bring you up to date on our plans.

Merry Christmas from Belfast!!! (There, I was first!!…..anyway,

I’ve started putting the songs together for my new album which, if all goes well, should be available around Spring 2016 (I’m sort of slow but intentional!) We’ve got at least 3 local concerts at home here in Northern Ireland. . Definite are Bangor Elim on January 16th and The Millennium Forum in Derry/Londonderry on February 20th. Got other possibilities on the go as well. We’ll keep you posted.

Looks like we’ll be back in the US at various times from April, May, til September 2016

Requests have come in already and some dates are already gone, but if you’d like to host me, with or without the band, email using the contact tab and we’ll send you all the details you need. Let me know if there are any particular dates, even months, that suit you, or any dates that are totally unsuitable!

I’ll try to keep you posted as things develop.


Love and BLessings


Robin Mark



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Download Exclusive Track and Help Syrian Refugees

Posted on by Robin Mark

Hi Everyone. A similar post to this has been up on our Facebook and Twitter sites for a few weeks.  Here it is now on the website!! Robin and his band along with the New Irish Orchestra recorded a live version of his song Revival  from a packed Grand Opera House in Belfast. All the proceeds (after taxes and fees)  from any download of this totally exclusive track will go to the charity ‘Tear Fund’ who are working in the field in Syria providing shelter and relief for literally millions of people (mainly women and children) who are trapped in refugee camps. You can even  listen to the entire  9 minute track on Facebook before deciding to buy! Options to buy include iTunes US (the following link should also connect to the ITunes store in the UK if you are based there), and BandCamp which gives you the option of increasing the amount you wish to pay for the track. Whilst the basic cost is subject to some deductions for web  fees and taxes etc. please note that the entire amount you give above the basic $1 price on BandCamp site will go direct to the charity as no taxes or site fees apply above that sum.The basic sum is as low as we can get it at around a US Dollar.

So you get an exclusive track and the knowledge that you are helping to fulfil the mandate that God placed on us to ‘Take Care of Widows and Orphans, Free the Oppressed and Release The Captives. Here are the links. ENJOY!!:

itunes US link- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/revival-live-at-belfast-grand/id940928698
Bandcamp link- http://robinmarkmusic.bandcamp.com/releases









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