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Marines in Worship – Thanks for your comments

Posted on by Robin Mark

Hi everyone. Just to let you know that, yes, we have indeed seen the wonderful,  humbling and inspirational video of the Marines singing Days of Elijah in worship with a passion and intensity unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. If you haven’t seen the video just google ‘American Marines Sing Days of Elijah’ and you’ll get a You Tube version. You will be truly blessed! The original facebook posting by Merrie Pardee Baldwin (Big Thanks Merrie!!) has been shared over 450,000 times, and,  as revealed  by our great friend, fan  and Concert Promoter, Margaret MacCollum,  there have been nearly 7 million views and counting!! Lots of you have been sending links and you’ve been very kind in your encouragement and comments. Robin received the video through his facebook site just an hour or two after the original posting about a week ago and it’s been marvellous to watch it grow. So, thanks again!!

Much Love and Blessings from  Robin & Team

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Posted on by Robin Mark

Hi all. We have three concerts coming up before Christmas in Northern Ireland. Robin will be with his full band (all 8 of them!!) at all three worship events, so don’t miss the chance to enjoy a great night of praise and worship. PA for each of these  events is provided by Production House Group, so you can be assured of a really great professional sound at every one!

The first of which is in the newly extended and refurbished Maze Presbyterian Church in Lisburn, on Saturday 20th September. Now that concert is totally sold out. There are no more tickets nor is there any more room, so please do not turn up on the night unless you have a ticket.

The next concert takes place in Armagh on November 8th in the City Hotel at 7:30pm. You can get tickets from Faith Mission shops in Armagh, Banbridge, Portadown, Lurgan and Lisburn.

For those of you east of the River Bann,  the last of the three concerts will be in Bangor on 6th December in the  Bangor Elim Church , easily accessible from Belfast, Newtownards, Comber and all of North Down. Tickets again from Faith Mission in Newtownards, Bangor and Belfast, plus online purchases possible through the Church.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these nights. God Bless!!

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North Syracuse Baptist CD purchases for Delivery

Posted on by Robin Mark

Hi All. Robin here! Special hello to all you who came and worshipped with us in North Syracuse Baptist Church, last Thursday 7th August. And another even more special hello to all who ordered and paid for the new CD, Liberation Praise, given that we had run out of copies on the night!

I know I promised to get the CDs that were ordered out in 3 days, but I hadn’t expected my record company to  also run out of stock in store! (Must be popular!!). So they cannot get the CDs to me until this Wednesday 13th. (Aaargh!!)

We have all our padded envelopes ready, and I am poised with my Sharpie pen to sign everyone of the CDs as soon as the delivery arrives. Then they’ll go straight to Amanda, our fabulous postage girl, to send out to you on that same day.

Huge apologies from me. What can I say, never trust an Irish Man! But, I promise it will get to you… (Always trust an Ulster Man)… as soon as possible. God Bless and Big Love.


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