Tearfund Appeal

December 7, 2016


Over the last few months, my heart has been severely troubled by the conflict in the Middle East. In response to this, I wrote a song called ‘Refugee’. It reflects on how Christ, as a small child, had to flee his home because of conflict: he was a refugee.

The refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East have no idea when – or even if – they’re going to get back to their homes. There is little food and water, and during this time of year, temperatures drop to below freezing. And through all this trauma, children are most at risk.

Tearfund is on the ground, helping where the need is greatest. Through the local church, they are bringing shelter, food and support to those people who are caught up in that conflict.

And they need our help.

A gift around £12 could provide a life-saving blanket or a heating unit. £20 could provide two carpets to help keep accommodation warm. £40 could provide a large bundle of clothing to help a family in these troubled times.

The call that God incarnate issues to his followers is this: to free the oppressed, look after the widow, and take care of the orphan. Here is an opportunity to do just that this Christmas. Friends, please give what you can. Your gift will help bring life and light to those in great need.

Thank you,


The Great Hurricane, Album Release, Download and Other News!

November 21, 2016

Hi all. Well after a few hiccups on distribution, release dates, new site delay etc., etc., I am delighted to say that the new album ‘The Great Hurricane’ is now available in its full artwork/ jewel case/ final format for orders. Pre Release copies sold out!!. The album is also available on ITunes. Just search for title and artist. We’ll have a link to the ITunes version shortly on our new site.  Also in the immediate pipeline is a youtube version of the title track, ‘Hurricane’ and a very special TearFund track of the song Refugee’ with options to donate and bless, this Christmas,  some of the millions of mainly women and children who are trapped in temporary  camps all over the world.

We will provide links to those videos (apologies again for the delay in the new site, its coming I promise!!).

Finally we should have a direct download facility from  the new site, and hopefully more options for tracks and connectivity.

Merry Christmas (when it gets here!) and every blessing. Thank you for your patience!!



The Great Hurricane, Robins new album, now available to purchase on site!!

October 12, 2016

Hi all. Robin’s new album. ‘The Great Hurricane’ is available to purchase as a pre-release album on the website .

Digital downloads and final artwork albums are coming soon, but if you want to grab a full copy of Robin’s new album with all the tracks, you can purchase the pre-release  advance copy  of the complete CD from the website store now!! Click on store and choose

The Great Hurricane !



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