The Great Hurricane, Album Release, Download and Other News!

Hi all. Well after a few hiccups on distribution, release dates, new site delay etc., etc., I am delighted to say that the new album ‘The Great Hurricane’ is now available in its full artwork/ jewel case/ final format for orders. Pre Release copies sold out!!. The album is also available on ITunes. Just search for title and artist. We’ll have a link to the ITunes version shortly on our new site.  Also in the immediate pipeline is a youtube version of the title track, ‘Hurricane’ and a very special TearFund track of the song Refugee’ with options to donate and bless, this Christmas,  some of the millions of mainly women and children who are trapped in temporary  camps all over the world.

We will provide links to those videos (apologies again for the delay in the new site, its coming I promise!!).

Finally we should have a direct download facility from  the new site, and hopefully more options for tracks and connectivity.

Merry Christmas (when it gets here!) and every blessing. Thank you for your patience!!