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Hi all. I just finished this summer’s USA tour this past weekend. 6 conference/seminar events and 27 concerts. Great times in all and God has been good! Now we’re back home in beautiful Belfast with a ‘to do’ list that seems endless. However, hard work never killed anyone! (Well apart from Galley Slaves, Roman Slaves, Gladiators, Israelites under the Egyptian Pharaoh etc. etc.- Maybe I shouldn’t work too hard after all!)

But, here’s the thing! You can help!!

We are now starting to put some events together for Ireland, England and hopefully Scotland and Wales for the remainder of this year and on into 2014. We’ll also be trying to arrange some Canadian events, USA Summer 2014 and we’ll be in Israel with Breakforth in March 2014! If you have written to us regarding hosting an event and we have yet to get back to you, it’s only because we are still trying to figure stuff out. Why not email us again to remind us, or even for the first time. Or just let us know your happy to come and see us play.

I’ll be putting together a 6 part radio series for the BBC on the revival of Praise and Worship and the influence (increasingly) of folks from Northern Ireland. We’ll have interviews from Kathryn Scott, Keith and Krysten Getty, Rend, Bluetree, Nathan Jess and others (including me if I’m allowed to talk to myself). And lots of music of course. We also plan to start work on a new worship album. We might even do it live if we can find another congregation or church with the vocal strength and enthusiasm to help create a great live experience.  We can only do one location, buy you never know!!

The band and I will also be at Mission Worship this November in Eastbourne and we’re also back on our own churches rota for the next quarter. Café Church in CFC Belfast has a warm welcome for you especially if you haven’t been to church for a while, or even ever! Check out the options at www.thisiscfc.com .

That’s all for now. God Bless and keep in touch!!


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9 Responses to COMING SOON!

  1. Lisa Gillespie says:

    I don’t know who has organized your Lethbridge, Alberta events in the past, but I hope they try and get you back again! (I was the contest winner in 2007) And I would love to be there for a live recording, but they’re usually so far away! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Annette Brown says:

    What about Franklin North Carolina in 2014? Sure would enjoy attending alive performance. Received my first CD of your music from a customer where I worked. I am affiliated with a small church located in Apopka Florida, USA. They now use your music via your CDs for their worship service. So glad we discovered your music! May God continue to bring you blessings and blessings through your music.

  3. DT says:

    Please return to Ottawa, Canada! You are most welcome here, and we never miss a chance to worship together with you! Thank you for your wonderful Music Ministry!

  4. Sherilyn says:

    Can you come to Wichita, KS next summer? :) Sorry, I can’t recommend a certain venue for you, but I’d love if you’d come near where I live!

  5. Dennis Hoff says:

    Please come to Portland, Oregon!!

  6. Sergio says:

    HI Robin, our first meeting in South Africa was one I will never forget, you were standing on stage and the crowd had left and my son and I approached you to shake your hand-wow what an honour it was! Your music has changed and inspired me. May God continue to Bless your music, I hope we can meet again one day in South Africa.

  7. Carole Garnett says:

    I’m devastated to see you were in South Africa ! I missed you ! You coming back ?
    Tks Carole Garnett

  8. Wendy Beckett says:

    New Brunswick ….Please!

  9. Bill Jongejan says:

    Thanks for coming to Trinity Church Goderich Ontario! You and the band warmed up a cold and blustry winter night! It was a evening of great music and worship we’ll remember for a long time!