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If I were on eagles wings, to fly
Fly to the ends, of all the earth
I could never leave my Father’s sight
Who knew me long before my birth.
Author and Creator of my soul
You formed me in the secret place
Even if my heart is growing cold
You shower me with all Your faithfulness

If I were to sail the oceans wide
And hide myself in darkest depths
Even there Your love would be my light
Your mighty hands, my life protect
Surely You are good to Israel,
To every heart, that on your mercy stands
As for me, my steps had almost failed
But none can take me from Your hands

Jesus You’re the Lover of my Soul
And I confess my wayward heart
Father You’re the one who makes me whole
When all has broken me apart
Whom have I in heaven and earth but You
For there is nothing I desire
Spirit come and fill my life anew
And cleanse me with your holy fire

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Robin Mark 2011 Inciite ©

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