I feel called by God to come to Ireland. Can you help me?

I feel called by God to come to Ireland. Can you help me?

Well, many folks write to us here with this request. They are all deeply convinced and convicted that God is calling them to come to Ireland and live as missionaries or connect with a church here in response to His will. I would never, ever, decry or cast doubt on any of those calls and I truly believe that, if God has called you, He will provide the means for you to fulfil that calling. Many people from all over the world have come to our shores and many belong to our own church.

However, we do not have the resources or expertise to help you and what little organisation we have is committed to organising tours, concerts and events for Robin Mark and band only. However, based on our experience over the years, I think the following is the best information and advice we can give. Initially, you should come to Ireland on vacation, or short term mission trip with an established organisation or church, and see what it is really like. See if your perception of the country is the same as the reality. A simple web search of denominations and organisations in Ireland will get you lots of info on short term opportunities.

Many people have the wrong mental picture of this small island of only 4.5 million people (we’re 150 miles wide and 400 miles long) and it’s important to come first and see if it is what you expected. There are two separate parts of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is 26 counties and is mainly a Catholic country. Northern Ireland is only 6 counties and is more mixed between Protestant and Catholic with mainly a Presbyterian core influence. Northern Ireland had serious civil unrest for almost four decades but is now mostly at peace. We are all part of the European Community and have free access for nationals from the countries that comprise the EU. But we have strict visa and work permit requirements for other countries.

Although much of Ireland is rural, the main population is in the major cities of Dublin, Belfast, Londonderry/Derry, Cork and Galway. This is a modern western culture and country with all the benefits and problems that go along with that. The most successful and ground breaking missions are in the tough inner city areas of these cities. Northern Ireland, per head of population is one of the most evangelical Christian countries in the world, and sends out more missionaries overseas (as a percentage) than almost any other country. Southern Ireland is probably still the most devout Catholic country in the western world.

So, you really should come and fact find first. The Irish tourist board can help you with information on hotel and guest house accommodation, flights, travel tickets etc., and direct you to the appropriate sources. So, God Bless, see what happens and go for it.


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