I want to be a Worship Leader and feel God has called me to this work. Can you help me?

I want to be a Worship Leader and feel God has called me to this work. Can you help me?

Here’s the best advice I can give. In my opinion the role of the worship leader is one of the highest callings anyone could receive. As such, make sure the desire of your heart is not for a position or a church appointment but rather that you might glorify and worship God in everything you do. Forget about status. Forget about leadership. You cannot be ambitious as a worship leader because your role is to decrease that He might increase. Your role is not to focus on yourself, but on Him and to ensure as far as you can that others are not focussed on you, but on Him.. Your role is to ensure that when people end a time of corporate worship they will have encountered the risen Christ, and not encountered you at all. So, having settled all that, you must simply serve in whatever role or place you find yourself in the body of Christ. I guarantee you that the Father will open the doors that no one can close and certainly close doors that no one can ever open. For sure, get training, mentoring and pastoral oversight. Go on courses and placements to increase your skill and knowledge, but wait patiently for Him to direct. Be prepared to serve in the most humble setting, as that is where your heart will be tested and trained. This is the best help and advice I can give. There are lots of training programs and worship schools and academy’s all over the world including Hillsongs, YWAM, Colorado, and international schools throughout the UK and Canada. They’re all good, but the call of your life will only be fulfilled in total by the measure of the humility of your servant heart!


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