(Great Love (Robin Mark)/ Not by Might (Robin Mark)/ Mystical (Brian Houston)

My Heart will sing to you because of Your great love
A love so rich so pure a love beyond compare
The wilderness, the barren place, become a blessing in the warmth of Your embrace
When earthly wisdom dims the light of knowing You
Or if my search for understanding clouds your way
To you I’ll fly, my hiding place, where revelation is beholding face to face
May my heart sing your praise for ever,
May my voice lift Your name my God
May my soul know no other treasure, than Your love, than Your love

No not by might, nor even power, but by Your Spirit O Lord
Healer of hearts, binder of wounds, lives that are lost, restore
Flow through this land ‘til every man praises Your name once more.

You’re everywhere in every place, In every time and every space
And every breath that I take You lend
You’re the only one that satisfies, the only one that makes my life make sense.

Great Love Robin Mark 1993 ICC Daybreak Publishing
Not by Might Robin Mark 1993 ICC Daybreak Publishing
Miracle (refrain) Brian Houston

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