Liberation Praise (CD)

Liberation Praise (CD)

Liberation Praise (CD)




Liberation Praise, the new album featuring 13 songs and a mix of live and studio tracks.

Track Listing

  1. Fair One
  2. We Will Rise Up
  3. Your Banner
  4. Liberation Praise
  5. King of Love
  6. How Beautiful
  7. Let’s Go Up
  8. Dwell
  9. How You Set Me Free
  10. Hymn (What Can I Do)
  11. Guiding Light
  12. We’re Believing
  13. Lord’s Prayer (On the Earth)

Audio Previews

Fair One

We Will Rise Up

Your Banner

Liberation Praise

King of Love

How Beautiful

Let’s Go Up


How You Set Me Free

Hymn (What Can I Do)

Guiding Light

We’re Believing

Lord’s Prayer (On the Earth)

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